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Sessa, Key Largo 28
Price: € 75,000

Year of manufacture: 2008 Length: approx. 9.00m Width: approx. 2.99m
Berth: Croatia

Sessa, S32
Price: € 77,500

Year of manufacture: 2008 Length: approx. 9.52m Width: approx. 3.00m
Berth: Pornic, France

Sessa, Oyster 35
Price: € 77,900

Year of manufacture: 2004 Length: approx. 10.60m Width: approx. 3.65m
Berth: Dalmatia, Croatia

Sessa, 28 KEY Largo - 2X Yamaha 300
Price: € 79,500

Year of manufacture: 2005 Length: approx. 8.99m Width: approx. 2.99m
Berth: Info Boote Riedl Novigrad, Croatia

Sessa, S32
Price: € 85,000

Year of manufacture: 2009 Length: approx. 9.77m Width: approx. 2.99m
Berth: Glyfada, Greece

Sessa, Key Largo 27
Price: € 87,900

Year of manufacture: 2014 Length: approx. 8.58m Width: approx. 2.64m
Berth: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Sessa, C 35
Price: € 88,500

Year of manufacture: 2008 Length: approx. 10.60m Width: approx. 3.53m
Berth: Liguria, Italy

Are you looking for a Sessa motor yacht? We would like to provide you with some useful tips if you would like to purchase a motor boat or yacht. Do not purchase a second-hand motor boat that you have not viewed. If you should see any motor boats or yachts at an incredibly low offer, please ensure that you check all details and the seller thoroughly, especially if a pre-payment has been requested to a foreign account.

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