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Motor boats

Ilver, Motorboot
Price: € 1,900

Year of manufacture: 1990 Length: approx. 5.50m Width: approx. m
Berth: Lago di Garda, Italy

Sea Ray, 220 Overnighter
Price: € 1,990

Year of manufacture: 1995 Length: approx. 6.98m Width: approx. 2.50m
Berth: Arenys de Mar, Spain

SIR, 530
Price: € 2,800

Year of manufacture: 1975 Length: approx. 5.25m Width: approx. 2.20m
Berth: Marseille, France

Custom, Built Eigenbau
Price: € 2,990

Year of manufacture: 1981 Length: approx. 4.30m Width: approx. 1.80m
Berth: Verkaufshafen Brandenburg - Plaue, Germany

Cranchi, Cranche Jeans
Price: € 3,600

Year of manufacture: 1978 Length: approx. 6.00m Width: approx. 2.20m
Berth: Lago di Garda, Italy

Verano, 460 Sloep
Price: € 3,650

Year of manufacture: 2015 Length: approx. 4.60m Width: approx. 1.70m
Berth: Verkoophaven / Verkaufshafen / Sales Harbor (Showroom), Netherlands

Fevik, 23
Price: € 3,999

Year of manufacture: 1983 Length: approx. 7.50m Width: approx. 2.50m
Berth: Hollandboot Berlin, Germany

Are you looking for a motor boat or motor yacht? We would like to provide you with some useful tips if you would like to purchase a motor boat or yacht. Do not purchase a second-hand motor boat that you have not viewed. If you should see any motor boats or yachts at an incredibly low offer, please ensure that you check all details and the seller thoroughly, especially if a pre-payment has been requested to a foreign account.

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