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Motor yachts

DE Kook, Vries
Price: € 9,990

Year of manufacture: 1971 Length: approx. 10.60m Width: approx. 2.88m
Berth: Brandenburg - Plaue, Germany

Tecnomar, Pilotina
Price: € 12,000

Year of manufacture: 1962 Length: approx. 10.15m Width: approx. 3.27m
Berth: Toscana, Italy

Eigenbau, Riverlady Schnes Wanderboot mit Wenig
Price: € 12,990

Year of manufacture: 1981 Length: approx. 10.00m Width: approx. 2.50m
Berth: Brandenburg - Plaue, Germany

Rijo-Kreutzer, 10,40 AK
Price: € 13,500

Year of manufacture: 1979 Length: approx. 10.40m Width: approx. 3.10m
Berth: Roermond, Netherlands

Cantiere Vidoli, Taxi boat
Price: € 14,000

Year of manufacture: 1999 Length: approx. 10.34m Width: approx. 2.63m
Berth: Lago Maggiore, Italy

unknown, 11 m Bessel Kruiser TB
Price: € 16,500

Year of manufacture: 1975 Length: approx. 11.00m Width: approx. 2.85m
Berth: Wittenberg, Germany

De Combinatie, 10,50 AK
Price: € 16,500

Year of manufacture: 1978 Length: approx. 10.50m Width: approx. 3.20m
Berth: Roermond, Netherlands


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